Should I Hire Sacramento Process Server Lance Casey & Associates or the Sacramento County Sheriff Department Civil Division to serve my lawsuit papers?

Lance can serve your documents today. The Sheriff's Department will not attempt to serve your documents for 3 weeks.

Process Server Lance Casey & Associates

When Is Your Office Open?

I am available to meet you 24/7 to pick up your civil process. Our office is located at 2386 Fair Oaks Blvd. Sacramento Ca 95825. I am usually at the Carol Miller Justice Center so you can drop off your civil process papers to me there.

Can I sent my process by email, internet, or fax?

Yes. Fax your documents to (916) 244-2636, email documents to

How Long To Serve My Civil Process?

We serve 24/7. Our first attempt is usually the same day.

Sacramento County Sheriff Civil Division

When Is Your Office Open?

Public counter hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm, excluding holidays.

Can I sent my process by email, internet, or fax?

No. At this time, certain legal constraints and technological obstacles prevent the Sheriff from accepting fees and civil process by electronic transmission

How Long To Serve My Civil Process?

The Sheriff can not guarantee when or if service will be made. A high volume of process and/or a shortage of personnel may hamper our efforts to expeditiously serve your process.

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Carol Miller Justice Center 301 Bicentennial Circle Sacramento, CA 95826

Most people will only file a small claim lawsuit or any type of lawsuit for that matter, once in their lifetime.  Many people don’t know at once the documents are filed with the court they must be served on the opposing party (more commonly known as the defendant or respondent) named in their case.

Service of Process on the defendant is MANDATORY in all courts in the United States of America.  Many people don’t know this until they reach the Clerk’s window at the court house.  Many people ask the clerk, “How do I get my documents served.”  In Sacramento, California, the Clerk’s response is always “The Sacramento County Sheriff Civil Division can serve your documents.” Or “Go to the Sheriff’s Department Civil Division.”  Not the best choice if you want online status updates.

What the Clerk doesn’t say to the unsuspecting plaintiff (the person filing a lawsuit) is that the Sheriff’s office has much higher priorities that serving court documents.  Process serving is more than likely the absolute lowest priority of the Sheriff’s Department.  Because process serving is not the first priority, or even close to the first priority of any Sheriff’s Department, when a plaintiff forks over hard earned cash $40.  (My fee to serve small claims start at $125) to the Sheriff’s Department to serve their court documents they should be told up front, “We may, or may not get this served for you.  We will absolutely not attempt to serve your documents before 8:00 am nor after 5:00 pm, nor on weekends or holidays.” I serve on weekends.

Most plaintiffs think that the Sheriff will show up to serve documents wearing the stylish Sheriff’s department uniform, maybe throw an ice cold scare into the defendant, that will ultimately guarantee their document get served.  I wish you could see me sadly shaking my head….. not so.  The Sheriff’s Department can no more guarantee service than anyone else who takes it upon themselves to serve process.

The Sacramento County Sheriff can’t arrest someone for evading service.  In my experience, the Sheriff doesn’t expend a great deal of energy getting a serve competed.  Here in Sacramento, they go out once, the initial attempt.  If they can get it served, then great, if not, you may not be notified until your court date.  Well, it leaves the plaintiff out of whatever money spend paying the Sheriff to serve their documents and having to reschedule their court date as well as dipping into their cash again to pay a Process Server to get their documents served.  We are Process Servers and we serve documents, period.  We serve legal papers in the Sacramento Region and know a few tricks that enable us to serve defendants who actively evade service.  We will go to multiple addresses looking for the defendant.  We will locate a current address for the defendant.  We serve outside of Sacramento County.  We serve 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Civil Process Includes:

Summons and Complaints


Small Claims Documents for a civil lawsuit

Divorce Papers

Restraining Orders

Eviction Notices

Bank Garnishment (writ of execution)

Earnings Withholding Order

Skip Trace

Stake Outs

Ready to Hire Lance Casey & Associates PI To Serve Your Civil Process?

The process is quick, simple and very easy.  Call Lance at (800) 683-4769.  Email civil process documents to, fax to (800) 683-4769 or Click "Serve Now".  You will be redirected to my personal website where you will fill out a short online form to order process service.

Click "Hire a Private Eye" to hire a private Investigator Sacramento.  Hire a Private Eye in Sacramento. Skiptrace, Cheating Spouse Investigations, Child Custody InvestigationsCriminal Defense, Judgement Collection Agency, Surveillance, people search.  Lance Casey & Associates 2386 Fair Oaks Blvd Sacramento CA  95825 (800) 683-4769.

Lance Casey & Associates is a Sacramento Private Detective License Number: 27617.  We are not affiliated with the Sacramento County Sheriffs Civil Division.  

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I am a rabbit farmer and my day starts at 4am.  After I feed the animals, I am usually on my way to stake out someone for process service at 5:30 am.  I like to catch defendants early so there is better chance they are at home.

Hire a Private Eye to serve your process papers.

Quick, Simple, Easy

Email Documents Fax Documents (916) 244-2636 I will send you an invoice with a payment link. Once payment is received, service attempts will begin.

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Personalized Service

You will have your own Private Eye working with you to serve the defendant. Can you call or email the sheriff and tell them that the defendant will be at a specific location at a specific time and expect them to respond? No. Hire a Private Eye Lance Casey & Associates. We can be reached by email/text and phone for immediate response.

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Email Updates

You will receive email updates of service attempts which may include pictures/video of the person served and the location of service.

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